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K-Fed Nationwide

Posted in Commercial with tags , , , on 04/30/2009 by unrap

I don’t care about K-Fed/I don’t care about Britney/I got more to worry about than things so shitty/Still, I gotta say, the long and short is/I hope this guy gets a case of Wigger Mortis.


El Paso Anti-Gang Rap

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Spanglish, at 1:09/busted out by this rapping swine/talking about how gangs are no fun/and looking like “Reno 911″/They should stick to keeping the peace/and maybe hear “Fuck the Police.”

Going Berserk

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If your movie’s confusing/and you’re worried about losing/the attention of the people in the crowd/Then write a few rhymes/and take the time/to read them out loud.

Rappin’ Rove

Posted in TV News with tags , on 04/27/2009 by unrap

The internet’s a treasure trove/of reasons to hate Karl Rove/usually about his strategies/then there’s other reasons, like these/his music-related crimes/of dancing and trying to rock rhymes.

Montgomery Flea Market

Posted in Commercial with tags , on 04/26/2009 by unrap

If you need a new couch in winter or fall/come to this place, it’s like a mini mall/but you can stay inside/and warm your hide/and let a laser-eyed big guy be your guide.

Legend of Zelda

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My name is Link and I’m here to say/you gotta buy name game today/Even if you’re a geek and you got big glasses/tell your parents to get off their asses/get in their cars and go to the store/before they come out with Nintendo 64.

Earth Day After School Special

Posted in PSA, TV Show with tags , on 04/24/2009 by unrap

Save the earth/you know it’s worth/more than your life/plus your wife/so to thes guys I’ve gotta hand it/for rapping about loving the planet.